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10:57pm 21/06/2007
  Hey guys,

Just wanted to give you a heads up that The Militia Group has an official community at themilitiagrp! Check it out for news on all of our current artists and even some updates on our alums. We want this to be great and we can't do that without you. Come say hi.

<3, TMG Faye
FREE show at USC 
08:31pm 01/11/2006
  come see Brandtson, Waking Ashland, Impel, and Five Minutes To Freedom play a free show at USC's Ground Zero coffeehouse on Friday, Nov. 10 at 6:30 PM!

i know it's not on their myspace dates, but this show is going to happen!

for more info:
facebook event link
myspace link
05:10pm 25/09/2006
  i have two brandtson t-shirts i'd like to sell...

size M, navy blue "faces" tee
size S, brown "send us a signal" tee

they're both in great condition as i had a paranoia about putting band shirts through the dryer for fear of cracking the designs.

i can take pictures if anyone is interested, and i'd ask $10 plus actual packaging/shipping for each.

email me at supermorgo@gmail.com or comment here, thanks!

(also have a couple copeland, relient k, and cool hand luke shirts if those are of interest to anyone...)
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ask brandtson anything! (within reason) 
08:25pm 26/05/2006
  Over at Mammoth Press we're running an "ask the band" session with Brandtson. You enter a couple questions, we ask them, we post the answers. Anything on your mind? Head over to MammothPress.com and click on ASK THE BAND.

The best part about this site is when I get to work with bands that I love, and this is one of those times. I'm really excited about this. New album is amazing. Bye.
10:11pm 01/02/2006
  The new album "Hello, Control" will be out May 2nd. Who here is excited? I know I am!!!!!

Now they just need to post tour dates! :)
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photos, PD 
06:34pm 13/08/2005
mood: creative
Photos are up on http://www.brandtson.com of the boys in Japan....

And John's last show is coming up!!! Next weekend at Purple Door festival in PA. They're playing Saturday at 1:35pm. Make sure to be there to see the original line-up of Brandtson for the last time!! :)
since John announced this from stage last night... 
12:48am 29/06/2005
  I feel better about posting about it now.

John's leaving the band. As of PD fest in August, he will no longer be a member of Brandtson. He's going back to school (which has been a dream of his since I met him six years ago) and majoring in Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology (Robotics and Mechatronics Systems Technology). We realized that with the schedule he will need to keep with school, he wouldn't be able to dedicate the time needed to the band and that would only keep the other guys back. We're both really excited about this opportunity and even though it means racking up more school loans, we know it's worth it. The other guys in the band are understandably disappointed, but excited for him too.

Thank you to everyone for your overwhelming support all these years. We recognize and appreciate it immensely. It's time for him to move on and I couldn't be happier, since it means I get a full-time husband! ;) If you want to email John, his email is john@brandtson.net.
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Coming soon... 
01:06pm 11/06/2005
  title or description

The Dead Summer City Tour
Featuring Dead Poetic, The Beautiful Mistake, As Cities Burn, Classic Case, and Brandtson

06.24 Syracuse, NY The Furnace
06.25 Poughkeepsie, NY Club Cranell
06.26: NYC, NY CBGB's
06.27: Cleveland, OH Agora Ballroom 6:30p
06.28: Detroit, MI The Shelter
06.29: Grand Rapids, MI Skelletones
07.03: Bushnell, IL Cornerstone Festival

with Copeland

07.11: Tokyo Shibuya Club Quattro
07.12: Nagoya Apollo Theater
07.13: Osaka Club Quattro
07.16: Singapore, Baybeats 2005 Espalande - Theatres on the Bay
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photos from the brandtson show in boise 
12:08pm 06/05/2005
  go to: http://www.boisevenue.com

photos from the show are up. and you can vote for which photos you like best.
11:13pm 04/05/2005
  Hey guys. My name is Sami. I came to Number One Fan's show in Appleton a little while ago. While I was there, YOU GUYS WERE! Holy shit.. you all rocked my world! I don't know if you remember, but the drummer asked my friend if the Onion Rings were good. They were. Anyway. I bought your CD. Although I liked it live better, I love the rest of your album. Mercy Medical and Over and Out are my favorite songs. Anyway just wanted to let you guys know you have yet another fan! The guitarist with the yellow guitar (I think), well... wow.

Well just wanted to let you all know I was pleased.

Love ya,
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12:10pm 23/04/2005


Thanks to all of you who came out to the show, and supported all the bands. We all had a great time, and the show was really amazing. UNTIL- The end of the night rolled around.
I'm asking you all who live in Knoxville, to PLEASE boycot the club AMNESIA (Amnesia Bar and Grill, 5006 Clinton Highway, Knoxville.) They are absolute thieves. There were around 150 kids who paid to get into the show, (between $8 and $10, most of the crowd was under 21 so the majority paid $10) do the math, thats around $1500. that the club took in off the door. Then at the end of the night, when it was time for all the bands to get paid, everyone who worked there along with all of the money dissapeared. The only people left were the bartender, who kept saying she didn't know what happened, or how to get in touch with anyone... when we started asking questions and demanding she get in touch with someone... thats when about ten 300 pound pro wrestler looking rednecks appeared. Real nice. So none of the four bands got paid, after driving from North Carolina, and spending about $150 in gas (per band) no one got a dime. There was a contract for the show, and a garauntee... They took every cent. The police showed up and weren't a whole lot of help. So anyway, the money you all spent to get into the show, went right into the pockets of the clubs owners, managers... whoever. Again. Please do not put any more money into these bastards pockets by going to shows there. They steal money from hard working bands, and will most likely continue to do so. Spread the word to your friends, and warn any bands that you know to stay the hell away.


(from a post on brandtson's message board by yer_maum):

OK so i just called this trashy establishment! Now when i say trashy establishment, I have no clue about the physical appearance. However, i called and told the idiot that answered the phone "it's not nice to steal from bands." Then the guy rednecked out on me, and started cursing up a storm and called me a B$#@H, and a P&*#Y-@$$ MOFO, and many other expletives that showed his amazing intellect. My cell phone is based out of Kansas City, so he was asking who the hell i was to call from KC and start accusing people of things that I have no idea what i was talkin about. Im actually not in KC right now, so hah! Anyway, these jerks deserve to be shut down, or even investigated somehow.

I am going to provide the # of the place if you would like to call as well. Although more importantly the email address to the entertainment guy at their local paper. Also the contact info of the guy who owns FLUDLIGHT MUSIC, (they book many shows in that area).

If you feel so compelled (as i do) please drop either one or both of these guys a line and let them know of this establishments bad business.
Amnesia: 865-686-4610

Steve Wildsmith @ The Daily Times: steve.wildsmith@thedailytimes.com

Owner / Manager (865) 982-4122

Perhaps all of this is too brash on my part, or perhaps uninformed. However, I think if done in a respectable way, that maybe results might come of it. I'm just tired of seeing bands get screwed over, especially the boys in Brandtson, not too mention the other great TMG bands. (cartel, the rocket summer, and umbrellas). Like I said though, if this is pointless let me know, but I don't believe it is.

More places to contact:

steve.wildsmith@thedailytimes.com (newspaper)
www.myspace.com/thetoneyard (post on comments)
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07:25am 11/01/2005
  Juyst wondering fi someone has heard of this very rare very early Mewithoutyou song called "The comfort you give is only torment"

Give it a listen

Anyway if thats the song good. because some fool on ebay just bought it for almost $20
check out the auction here

which then makes me laugh more when you can buy the Compilation online for $4
purchase it

mayeb Im being a dick but you got a free song out of it. Thit is if I can get my links to ever work right.
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06:12pm 03/01/2005
  Hi I am currently trying to raise money for a project, if you are interested in purchasing any of these photographs please email me at van_aken_c@hotmail.com, if you can help in any way this would be tremendously helpful, each photograph is an 8in by 10in and costs 15 dollars which includes shipping for us addresses, thank you so much for your time, please pass this on to friends who might be interested.

picturesCollapse )
01:07pm 18/12/2004
  title or description  
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09:47am 11/12/2004
  i AM SO JEALOUS! i yet to see brandtson and all them militia group hotties. if and when anyone sees them. make sure to tell them to make a stop in SAN DIEGO!  
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10:51am 23/10/2004
  miltia group records (record label buddy to brandtson):


At the TOWER SUNDAY OCTOBER 24th (tomarrow)
8610 Madison Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44102
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03:03pm 13/10/2004
mood: content
hey i just came across this communty and thought i'd join

i went to their detroit show on the 26th of last month... ( and loved one the opening bands, moments in grace, very good band i think)
and they DID play one old song
AND my sister asked them too

just said that since i was looking at the past entries and that seemed to be a issue

i myself love the old stuff, and i would be nice if it was played a bit more often. but still i understand why they mostly new stuff, it is really hard to remember every single song
NEW Brandtson tour dates 
10:42am 29/09/2004
10.16: Wilmington, DE Haromony Garage
10.17: Lemyone, PA The Champion Ship
10.18: Buffalo, NY Extreme Wheels
10.19: Pittsburgh, PA Mr. Smalls
10.20: Toledo, OH TBA
10.21: Cleveland, OH The Rhythm Room

10.23: Baltimore, MD The Talking Head Club
10.24: Lynchburg, VA The Fishbowl
10.25: Charlotte, NC Tremont Music Hall
10.26: Columbia, SC New Brookland Tavern
10.27: Atlanta, GA The Masquerade
10.28: Nashville, TN Blue Sky Court
10.29: Bloomington, IN TBA
10.30: Naperville, IL TREC (St. Thomas the Apostle Church)
10.31: Cleveland, OH The Grog Shop
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11:27pm 27/09/2004
  Sigh. Now I have a bunch of Brandtson fans pissed at me all because I said I wanted to hear some old songs.

The entire point of my post was to say the band should play old stuff. Why shouldn't the band try to get new fans hooked on old stuff as well as new stuff? If anything it's a great marketing technique to get people to buy more cds. I mean...if I want to see any band and knew that they had as many cds as Brandtson does, then I'd pretty much want a sample of all their stuff. Sure, play the new stuff, I never said they shouldn't play new stuff. But if new fans walk away saying, "Hey, they played some stuff I didn't hear on the new cd, maybe I should check out more of their old stuff." And the older fans get that sense of "Hey yeah this is the song that made me fall in love with this band."

I'm not looking for any medal or anything. Saying that I didn't feel appreciated probably wasn't the right thing, but I was kinda mad so I am formally apologizing for that. All I'm asking for is more variety and maybe taking a few requests since they have so much (amazing) material that people want to hear.
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I think I should voice this 
03:55am 26/09/2004
  Okay so who saw Brandtson in Chicago on Friday?

I feel the need to voice a complaint.

I've seen Brandtson seven times now...that's more than I've seen any national band! And that show on Friday just really disappointed me. They didn't play anything that wasn't on the new album.

Now okay, yeah that new album is good and all, but seriously...I've been listening and following Brandtson since Trying to Figure Each Other Out...and I want to hear old stuff as well as new stuff. In fact I was standing next to another guy who was just as disappointed as I was, and I had some other friends at the show who also felt the same way. When the band said they had one song left, the crowd started yellng, "Play some old stuff!" Seriously man, why couldn't they have played one old song?

And what really bothers me about the band is that they rarely ever take requests. In fact I can only remember one time where the band said, "Someone requested this song so we decided to play it." I've gone to the band before shows to request some older stuff, and they never play it.

I guess what I'm really getting at is I don't feel that I'm appreciated as a fan. I've bought every single album they've put out, two shirts, every button they've sold, and a hoodie. Also add all the costs to see them...I mean...I've probably spent $150 on them by now. I really just wish they would play more things that fans want to here.

I don't know if any of you have ever seen Modest Mouse...but I really like how they do their shows. They really mix up the material...old stuff, new stuff. I guess I just wish Brandtson would mix it up like that. They don't even have to take requests...but mix up the material.
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